What is the Blue Economy and why do we need it?

February 19, 2021
Nick Co-founder & CEO

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According to Credit Suisse’s report “Engaging for a Blue Economy”, the ocean absorbs 93% of climate heat and sequesters 25% of global carbon dioxide emissions. If it were not for the ocean our planet would be 30 degrees hotter than it is today. Yet never before has it been under such threat and subject to such rapid economic growth.

We are proud to have contributed to Credit Suisse’s report on “Engaging for a Blue Economy”. Download the full report below, and watch their video that beautifully explains what the Blue Economy is, why we need it, and highlights the opportunities for Engaging in a Blue Economy.

Spoiler alert: Coast 4C’s approach is part of the solution; scaling an inclusive blue economy through small-scale fishers and seaweed farmers in coastal communities.

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