Meet the team driving the change

Executive team

Nicholas Hill PhD
Co-founder & CEO

Two decades experience in sustainable enterprise for coastal communities, fundraising and leading teams. PhD in seaweed farming and fishing livelihoods. Co-founder of Net-Works and Our Sea Our Life

Amado (Madz) Blanco
Co-founder & COO

Three decades experience running field implementation, strengthening rural cooperatives and agri-development in the Philippines. Former Director of Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation

Geraldine Johns-Putra
General Counsel

Experienced corporate transactional, governance and commercial lawyer. Specialist in ESG, modern slavery, impact investing and purpose-led companies. Council member of Monash University. Member of B Labs Regional Standards Advisory Group for Australasia.


Meet the governance team passionate about furthering our mission

Alison Atherton (Chair)

Responsible investment, supply chain sustainability. Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Amado (Madz) Blanco

Three decades experience running field implementation, strengthening rural cooperatives and agri-development in the Philippines. Former Director of Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation

Nicholas Hill PhD

Livelihoods, conservation, sustainable coastal enterprise. Formerly co-founder and lead of Net-Works and Our Sea Our Life

Professor Heather Koldewey

Marine biologist, Hon. Prof. at University of Exeter, Senior Marine Conservation Advisor at Zoological Society of London, National Geographic Fellow. Steering Committee Net-Works.

Mark Smith

Business, conservation. Serial founder and executive, including as former Executive Director of Oceanario de Lisboa and Ocean Explorium

Andrew Terry

Conservation leadership. Director of Conservation & Policy, Zoological Society of London

Miriam Turner MBA

Corporate innovation and sustainability. Co-founder Net-Works whilst leading collaborative innovation at Interface. Co-CEO Friends of the Earth

Implementation team

Meet the team on the ground making the difference

8 Experienced & fully trained Community organisers – develop our network of suppliers, building community-level organisations, delivering self-help financial services and supporting their planning, operational and legislative requirements.

3 Seaweed farming extentionists – With two decades of industry-level experience, including a former seaweed trader, farmer and seaweed farm commercial manager, provide technical support to our growing network of suppliers.

2 Experienced biologist and indicators officer – Ensure delivery of high quality impact and track performance.

2 Experienced finance, admin and logistics team – Running efficient supply chain logistics and financial management

Research associates

Coast 4C research associates undertake world class research to inform our approach

Surshti Patel

Plastics and poverty technical specialist at ZSL. Net-Works team member since 2014 driving our indicator development for plastics and socioeconomics. Lead Plastics Social Researcher for National Geographic Society’s Sea to Source: Ganges expedition.

Clare Duncan PhD

AXA Research Fellow on Blue Carbon, University of Exeter and Institute of Zoology, ZSL. A quantitative ecologist, Clare has been conducting research in collaboration with Net-Works since 2013 driving our understanding of the potential for conservation and rehabilitation management activities to enhance ecosystem services such as blue carbon and coastal protection.


Meet our world class advisors passionate about driving sustainable change

Patrick Andrews

Hybird/impact enterprise legal & governance. Director, New Forest Advisory LLP. Over 30 years experience in advising businesses and not-for-profits on their contracts, legal structures and disputes. Specialises in complex projects that do not fit into a conventional box. Visiting lecturer Imperial College London. Board member of Dataswift, Greaterthan and SPUD.

Justin DeKoszmovszky MBA

Inclusive business. UK Founder & MD Archipel&Co. Previously led sustainability across functions at SC Johnson, PUMA and OVO energy delivering commercial, social and environmental impact including leading spin-outs. Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Dr Anicia Hurtado

World leading authority on seaweed farming of eucheumatoids. Chair of the Integrated Services for the Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries (ISDA Inc). Spearheaded the Seaweed Programme as Senior Scientist and then Visiting Scientist at the Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)

Sebastien Jan

Seaweed and carrageenan industry and sustainability expert. Seaweed strategic sourcing, sustainability manager & seaweed farming expert, Cargill, leading delivery of Cargill’s Red Seaweed Promise. Previously, cocoa supply analyst at Cargill, and production site manager for seaweed in Madagascar, IBIS Madagascar

Carl Krefting

After a career in the international food and drink business and building and selling the family Belgian chocolate business Carl is today retired and a regenerative farmer in the UK. He also specialises in investing seed capital in new sustainable start-ups in the food, water and waste industries to help find solutions to feeding the world

Dr Valeria Montalescot

Applied phycologist and seaweed expert leading Cargills Red Seaweed Promise sustainability programme. Skilled in international cross-cultural project management, previously Senior Project Manager for GlobalSeaweed STAR UKRI programme at Scottish Associationn for Marine Science. Honorary member of the International Society for Applied Phycology.

Anabelle Plantilla

Biodiversity, finance. Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) project manager, United Nations Development Programme and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines. Previously Chief Operating Officer, Director for Organisational Sustainability and Executive Director, Haribon Foundation

Professor Peter Ralph

Marine technology. Executive Director of the Climate Change Cluster (C3), University of Technology Sydney. Founder of the Deep Green Biotech Hub. Member of the IOC-UNESCO Blue Carbon International Scientific Working Group. Former leader of CSIRO Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster.

Professor Michael Roleda

Seaweed strains. Deputy Director Facilities & Resources, University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute. Selective breeding and strain improvement of economically important seaweed species.

Nigel Stansfield

Plastics, commercial. President of Interface, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia (EAAA). Responsible for setting and leading growth strategy throughout EAAA region underpinned by Interface’s Climate Take Back programme to reverse global warming and create positive impact on the environment. Steering Committee Net-Works.

Gildas Andriamalala

Behaviour change. Based in UK, Gildas was Technical Specialist for Net-Works at ZSL for 6 years, and Head of Impact & Standards for Coast 4C whilst he oversaw development of our iMPA manual and capacity building in-country for the prototype iMPAs. Gildas returned to Blue Ventures where he previously led community conservation programmes.