Cargill partners with Coast 4C and the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute on the Global Seaweed STAR proposal in order to test promising new varieties for carrageenan content and quality. Through their Red Seaweed Promise™, Cargill lead the carrageenan industry in seeking sustainability and transparency within supply chains to ensure that seaweed is a positive force for social and environmental change. Cargill and Coast 4C have signed a Letter of Intent to supply sustainably produced seaweed.

Vital research and development undertaken by Professor Michael Roleda’s group at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute will help refresh seaweed strains and boost growth and resilience to climate change. Coast 4C partners with UPMSI and Cargill on a UKRI GCRF Global Seaweed STAR research and innovation grant that will see Coast 4C receiving new strains from UPMSI for sea-based grow out and distribution to our growing network of seaweed farmers.

Koltiva provide innovative cloud based web and mobile software applications for project and supply chain management and traceability, improving quality and efficiency while reducing risks. They specialise in solutions that involve small-scale producers, covering commodities including cocoa, coffee, rubber and seaweed with a presence in 24 countries.

Coast 4C is partnering with C3 on a project funded by the Julius Baer Foundation that is developing clean and green backyard biorefinery technology for two purposes: (a) extraction of semi-refined carrageenan and isolation of residuals to supply local feed, fertiliser and water filtration markets; (b) creation of bio-based and biodegradable plastics precursors. Over the next 2-3 years we look forward to implementing the first stage of this technology in the Philippines to diversify our markets and add value to the seaweed for the benefit of our community partners and the ocean.

Coast 4C branding, animation on the home page and the infographic was developed in collaboration with UTS Shopfront at the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion and the student Visual Communication team from the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at the University of Technology Sydney – Britney Fong, Emilia Tortorella, Jin Xiong, Madeleine van Dam and Muidi Tang, who were supervised by Nicky Hardcastle.