Island Innovation Awards success!

May 11, 2022
Nick Co-founder & CEO

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In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Island Innovation Awards recognized individuals, organizations and projects driving positive change for remote and island communities globally. There were 12 award categories judged by an esteemed Jury, and the focus of the awards is on sharing the how of success from the winners, so other communities may benefit.

Coast 4C are proud to have been selected as WINNER of the category entitled “Blue Economy Initiative Award” for our work on regenerative seaweed farming and net recycling linked to iMPA.

iMPA is Coast 4C’s inclusive approach to community-based marine spatial planning and management. iMPA empowers island communities to set up larger and more inclusive community-based Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) whilst ensuring that these same island communities are rewarded for their hard efforts. Co-created and co-branded with coastal communities, the “i” in iMPA stands for “inclusive, improved, integrated”.

Regenerative seaweed farming refers to seaweed farming that is directly linked to and supports improved marine resource management (through iMPA). It goes beyond sustainable seaweed farming, which seeks to mitigate negative impact, leveraging the power of seaweed to restore the ocean whilst delivering improved income opportunities for island communities that helps to reduce poverty.

Net recycling refers to our inclusive value chain that diverts end-of-life fishing nets from the ocean into the circular economy, helping to eliminate ghost fishing and marine plastic pollution, and providing additional source of income to coastal communities.

Watch the recording of the awards ceremony here

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